Greenland Guidance builds measurement systems specifically developed for operation in extreme polar conditions, yet easy to transport and install. We know what is needed from such instruments because we did science with them ourselves. We can ship them anywhere on the planet, or we can take care of field installations for you.

Instruments for monitoring on glaciers and ice sheets need to be extremely rugged. They have to be able to cope with very low temperatures, impacting sensor functionality and battery capacity. They should withstand the pressure of snow accumulating on top, and the static electricity that drifting snow generates. They need to survive countless freeze-thaw cycles, and remain operational in dark periods without solar charging. And they should stand stably in strong winds while positioned on ever-changing snow/ice surfaces.

Our instruments have been designed for durability in extreme settings. Please see which instruments we can provide, or visit our data portal where we display transmitted data from the instrument systems currently in the field.