Expedition weather forecasting

Knowing how the weather will change over the next few hours or days allows you to run your operations in Greenland more efficiently. It also reduces risk as you’ll know when temperatures will drop, when visibility will worsen, or when the storm will hit.

We can provide you with tailored weather forecasts for your expedition by sending you compact messages through the Iridium satellite network. We adjust the forecasting procedure to your needs, for instance by only sending those variables of relevance to you, or by sending more frequent updates when the weather makes a turn for the worse.

We know Greenland weather like no other. We interpret local weather in terms of the large-scale atmospheric circulation to be able to better assess the likelihood and severity of events. And we double-check our own multi-model forecasts by comparing them to nearby observations so that we can correct for weather model biases.

For tailored expedition forecasting, send us a message.