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We provide expert logistics and science support. Are you planning on going to Greenland, but do you have more questions than answers? Which area is best for my operations? How do I get there? What do I bring? How do I stay safe? Which permits do I need? If you and your team do not want to be confined to tourist locations, we can give you the advice and support you need.

Greenland Guidance has years of experience running complex operations in all corners of Greenland. Running a remote camp in Greenland comes with often complex transportation requirements, and a great amount of equipment to ship ahead. We can help you run your camp while making sure that all team members can work safely in an environment where weather can be unforgiving, where polar bears may pass by, and where the emergency services are hundreds of kilometers away.

We also provide:

Logistics support

Greenland Guidance provides local and remote support for teams of professionals operating in spectacular and inaccessible Greenland. We can help you decide on when and where to travel, making sure that climate conditions are just right, that domestic transport is available, and that you meet the right people. We can help you factor in any possible delay. We can help you stay safe in polar bear territory and extreme climate conditions. Continue reading “Logistics support”

Field safety course

Glaciers and ice sheets are dangerous places. Temperatures can drop far below freezing, and winds can be immensely powerful. Crevasses can be hiding underneath a thin layer of snow, and polar bears may approach when you least expect them to. These are not conditions that humans thrive in. On top of this, the emergency services may be hours or even days away, depending on the weather conditions. One wrong decision can mean the difference between life and death. A thorough preparation is everything.

Are you organising a camp-based science campaign on a glacier or ice sheet? Or are you going to traverse an ice sheet in a sports expedition? Or will you be undertaking multiple day-trips to bare-ice regions on foot or by helicopter? We can help you prepare and make the decisions in the field that will keep team members safe. Continue reading “Field safety course”

Science instruments

Instruments for monitoring in extreme locations such as on glaciers and ice sheets need to be extremely rugged. They have to be able to cope with very low temperatures, impacting sensor functionality and battery capacity. They should withstand the pressure of snow accumulating on top, and the static electricity that drifting snow generates. They need to survive countless freeze-thaw cycles, and remain operational in dark periods without solar charging. And they should stand stably in strong winds while positioned on ever-changing snow/ice surfaces. On top of all this, the instruments need to monitor exactly what you’d like them to.

Greenland Guidance offers a selection of instruments and measurement systems specifically developed for operation in the extreme cold. We know what is needed from these instruments because we did science with them ourselves. Continue reading “Science instruments”

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If you’d like to hear how we can assist you in running your operations in Greenland, or if you’d like information on our field safety course or scientific instruments, please call us at +31 6 2806 5331 or send us an email using this form.