Car rental

Book your car or ATV right here. At the moment you can only use this page to book vehicles in Kangerlussuaq, but you can also contact us for options elsewhere.

Please fill in the form below; JMM Gruppen will reply to your request and provide you with the rental rates within several days. After booking the vehicle you will receive contact information for you to be able to get in touch just before or after your arrival in town. Some time after the rental period you will receive an invoice for payment.

Work and travel in Greenland demands a certain amount of flexibility. So if your travel plans change, we will try to help you any way we can. But in case of cancellation of the car/ATV rental, we reserve the right to ask for a cancellation fee equal to the total rental price reduced by 5% for every day prior to the start of the rental period we received the cancellation.  So if you cancel 2 days before arrival, your cancellation fee is 90% of the rental price. But if you cancel 20 days before arrival or earlier, cancellation is free.