The town of Kangerlussuaq is the primary entry point of Greenland because of its international airport. Kangerlussuaq only has about 500 inhabitants, but functions as an important logistics hub for international scientists converging on Greenland each year.

In Kangerlussuaq, Greenland Guidance can provide assistance with:

  • Science support: Have someone check on your instrumentation or read out your data without having to fly her/him in, reducing your project’s expenses and carbon footprint.
  • Car rental: Book a car or pickup truck to drive yourself and your equipment anywhere the roads go, including the harbor (13 km) and ice sheet (35 km). A booking page will soon be launched.
  • Helicopter / fixed-wing consultancy: Ask us which options there are, and whether there are possibilities for cost-sharing with other groups.
  • Cargo and storage services: We can collect and store your equipment prior to your arrival, and ship/fly it home after your departure.
  • Accommodation support: Get insight into which accommodation suits your reason for being in Greenland best.
  • Work space: Find a comfortable place for desk work, or a meeting room, or an indoor area to work on your equipment, all while enjoying a cup of coffee and a good WiFi connection.
  • Equipment rental: Generators, winches, rifles, ATVs, and much more. If it’s in town, we’ll help you find it.

Just send us an email and we will get you started.