Join us as a seasonal worker in Greenland

We are often on the lookout for experienced people that can help us during future field campaigns. Do you have field experience in Greenland or other remote regions? If you’d like to join us, then tell us you’re available for the next field season (NH spring/summer) using the below form. If we’re short on experienced field personnel we may get in touch with the aim of hiring you for the season. You must have high experience levels in some but not all topics mentioned below to be able to join our expeditions.

Even though we have more specialists signing up than we have positions to fill, we do urge you to sign up if you have relevant experience. You won’t receive irrelevant correspondence, your data won’t be shared with others, and you can remove your information from our systems any time. All your data will be erased each autumn, but not before we send you an email asking whether you’re again available in the following year.

When filling in the form, picture challenging situations with approaching polar bears, severe storms, people in crevasses, people badly injured, failing engines, etc.; situations in which you might be sole responsible for the safety of others. It is our job to avoid these situations, but field specialists like yourself should always have a plan B.

Please fill in all required (*) fields. If you do not receive a confirmation email after hitting the “sign up” button, then let us know.